About Us

Since 1986, Critical Data Strategies, LLC has performed in-depth, highly relational qualitative market research, in-depth market analysis, and personalized consulting for companies throughout North America. Critical Data interviewers are highly skilled in the art of conversation and in capturing ‘impossible-to-obtain’ information. We use these findings to develop and team with our clients to implement specific targeted initiatives and strategies for growth. Critical Data’s vast experience in gathering, tabulating, analyzing information, then using that data to develop powerful results-oriented recommendations and plans has resulted in national recognition in 1991 by receiving The Jesse H. Neal Award – the business equivalent of a Pulitzer Prize.

Why Critical Data?

Our approach

We perform highly qualitative research in order to develop, present, and help implement initiatives and plans that truly change a company. For this reason, we have always believed that we must dig deeper than traditional market research facilities. This approach and philosophy permeates everything we do at Critical Data and results in unmatched return for our clients.Survival and growth in today’s economic environment require solutions far beyond the traditionally tried and true. Creativity without borders is essential in developing our customized approach for obtaining the information as well as the recommendations and insights that we provide. This truly defines Critical Data, our overall approach, and keeps us focused on consistently being open to new ideas for our company as well as for those we serve.

Data collection is only the beginning

For Critical Data, data collection is just the beginning. Using study findings as a foundation, our staff develops specific strategies and recommendations with measurable results.

Customized for your needs

You and your organization are unique and have unique needs. Unlike research firms that base their work on studies performed for past clients, Critical Data will always produce a unique, customized study.

Not limited to a single industry

Critical Data has comprehensive experience in most industries and with organizations of all types and sizes.

Tackling the next-to-impossible

The breadth and depth of staff experience means Critical Data is able to unearth even the most difficult-to-obtain information.

We live by the results we provide to you

Since our inception in 1986, Critical Data has focused on providing and measuring ROI with our clients. We are committed to company-changing results in everything we do. It permeates how we think and how we live.